Class Norms

NB Many students find it highly distracting and disruptive if people around them are looking at their computer during class, especially if they are not following along. Be respectful and kind to your classmates!

Expected from everyone in this classroom

  • Computers You are required to bring your computer to class, and make sure that it’s got enough charge to last. The computer should be set up to run Eclipse so we can do exercises together if and when needed.

    Most of the time I will ask that you have your computers closed so you can focus on what’s going on around you. If you must use it for taking notes or looking stuff up, that’s ok but most of the time it should be closed.

  • Distractions It goes without saying but no one should be using their cell phone for anything during class: making calls, doing emails, facebook, etc etc etc. It is not permitted.

    Please do not brinxg food into class. It is distracting to me and other students and it is disrespectful.

  • Participation I put a high value on participation, and I will ask questions a lot and I really hope that you will join in the fun!