Grades and Grading


The final grades for the course will be determined using the following weights:

Participation (10%)

There will be many homeworks or in class activities which will be graded “participation only.” For these you will receive an automatic 100 if you make a good faith effort, and a zero if you don’t submit. However it will not matter how correct or incorrect your response is! In addition, I expect that you come to class on time and are engaged in the lecture and that you come to the recitiations. That you are respectful of the other students and help creating a positive learning environment. Also that you are responsive to questions and help with discussions and class activities.

Programming: (55%)

There will be programming assignments (“PAs”) roughly every week. Every program will be graded both on correctness and style/design. Other homeworks are due on the day of class, at class time. Submissions up to 24 hours late will be accepted but have a 20 point penalty. More than 24 hours late will not be accepted. Submissions that do not conform to the requested format exactly will not be accepted.

Exams and/or quizes (35%)

There will be a midterm exam and a comprehensive final exam.

NOTE: You have a maximum 3 weeks after a mark has been posted to Latte to call our attention to a possible error, oversight or misunderstanding. That is your responsibility. After that, the mark as recorded in Latte will not be changed.

Homework Submission

Because of the large size of this class, logistics of submitting homework, automatic grading (unit tests and plagiarism checks), 1-1 TA meetings, and final grading, of around 90 people is a real challenge! We do our best to make it convenient and will be flexible if good reasons present themselves. But generally we will be strict about the following!

General Homeworks

Warmup assignments are due at 10am the morning of class and have no grace period. Other non-PA homeworks have a 2 day grace period. However you are deducted 20 points for late submission. After that you will receive zero points.

Cosi12b Programming Assignments.

Submission: For programming assignments (PAs) the late submission policy will be whatever the PA submission page says. In general you will have 24 hours grace, but with a 20 point penalty. After that it will be scored as zero.

Drop One At the end of the semester we will not count your lowest PA grade from the calculation, whether you got a zero for it, missed it altogether or whatever. This will happen automatically.

The PA itself is graded as follows: 70% of the score is based on the automated unit tests. There are lots more tests than the ones that are included in the starter file. Don’t assume that because you pass the ones in the starter file you will also pass the rest. Pay attention to edge conditions, the specifics of the problem specification and so on. We are not on a mission to trip you up with bizzarre or convoluted cases. The tests will be appropriate and realistic but will test complete adherence to the spec.

We will also look at your program and assess the quality of the code: the algorithm, structure, design and presentation. Take a look at Good Programming Style for more specifics.

Resubmission: You have the option to resubmit your assignment once you’ve met with your 1-1 TA. The way your initial grade is computed doesn’t change in any way including the 24 hour late submission with penalty. However if after you have your 1-1 you feel strongly that you can make the work a lot better and you want to invest some time you will have the chance to do so.

If you choose to resubmit the resubmitted work will be regraded and your final grade will be the average of your initial and resubmit grade. If you already had an 80 or 90 then the improvement won’t be worth it but if for some reason you had a 50 or 60 it could make a big difference. The window for resubmitting is 1 week after the initial due date.