Programming Challenge


You’ve received this because you signed up for Pito’s Weekly Programming Challenge. As you know this is 100% opt-in. It is not required, it is not graded, and it’s not for credit. However if you feel you are struggling with some of the basics, and you are serious enough to take action, then try this for a week and we will discuss how it goes.

THINK If you are training for a marathon do you pack all your training in the day before the marathon?
  1. Print out this page (yes, paper!)
  2. Each day this week, pick 1 hour to work on this
  3. Do one problem per day.
  4. Make a note of whether you completed it, and how many minutes you worked on it approximately
  5. On the last day, slip the sheet under my door with your notes on it

Week 1

  1. LoopSquares
  2. Nested Loops
  3. Fibonacci
  4. MysteryNums
  5. PrintGrid
  6. PadString
  7. PrintRange
  8. Max