Study Groups

Sometime around the middle of the semester we will begin offering Study Groups led by TAs. They will be mandatory for some students and optional for all students. They run for two hours and involve a lot of hands on coding practice.


  • When are they held? Locations will be announced
  • What is this? These are weekly two hour study groups led by a TA. The focus is on reinforcing basics and helping students cement their learning.
  • What happens?** The leader of the session will pick out some coding challenges each time. The only rules are: program in Java and don’t work on homework. This is meant to be learning from a different angle. There’s no lecture or anything.
  • Who should come? Any student who feels like leveling up his Java is encouraged to come. But, especially those of you who feel challenged or like you are not ‘getting’ someting or worried that you are falling behind. You should definitely make the time!
  • Can I come to more than one session? Yes, if you must, it’s fine. We’re not really checking attendance or anything like that.
  • What are expectations? We (the TAs and other leaders) are taking time out to host these meetings, so please sign up, and please show up!
  • I want to be a leader, what should I do? If you are a student in the class, but feel like you would like to try your hand at coming up with some problems and then hosting a meeting, by all means, send Pito and email and we’ll get a room and materials for you!